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Choose to host one of our many workshops for people from 9 years and more. We can come to your home, your organisation, or your workplace, allowing you to invite family, friends, colleagues. Or you may want to have a 'play-date' for your children (teenagers included) and their friends! If you don't have a venue and still wish to host a workshop, let us arrange a place for you!


Our workshops are once-off events spanning 90 minutes to 5 days depending on the combo you select. Some of our activities include makeovers, demos, and tours. The duration of each event considers the age cohort and group size.


We conduct face-to-face workshops, teleseminars, webinars - again subject to the age cohort and group size as well as the content.


Contact us today to begin your journey with us as a BE UNLIMITED WORKSHOP HOSTESS OR HOST if you are a parent, tutor, school, tertiary institution, club, organisation, or workplace. 

Soft Skills & Life Skills
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