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The Benefits of Green Juice:

Alkalises by raising the body's pH level - optimising body functioning. Reduces inflammation in the joints, muscles, and tendons. Combats ill-health by using energy saved from digestion to repair cells and tissues. Enhances overall vitality by increasing the flow of oxygen to the blood. Boosts energy by flooding the body with antioxidant chlorophyll and phytonutrients. Reduces weight by acting as a healthy alternative to solid food.

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Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly; use a food brush if necessary. Remove all bruised parts. Retain skin unless otherwise indicated – the surface of fruits and vegetables are nutrient-dense. Always cut to fit into the juicer for easy juicing.


1 Cucumber: Retain skin. Cut into strips or cubes. 8 Kale Leaves: Retain stems. Can be fed whole into the juicer. 2 Green Apples: Retain skin. Core and cut into wedges or cubes. 2 Celery Sticks: Can be fed whole into the juicer. ½ Lemon: Retain at least half of the skin. Cut into wedges, cubes, or strips. 4 Sprigs Parsley; Can be fed whole into the juicer. 1 Thumb Ginger: Cut into cubes if thick. Otherwise can be fed whole into the juicer. *1 Carrot: Top-and-tail. Cut into strips or cubes. 


Carrots make the juice sweeter, which helps until one gets used to the taste of the ‘green’ ingredients on their own. Eventually, the juice should be a ‘pure’ green juice to increase the *alkalising and anti-inflammatory benefits.



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