All success starts with self-mastery. Too many of us first seek mastery of others before we achieve mastery of self. It is difficult to influence others in positive ways if we are unable to live first by example. When we 'walk-the-talk', it becomes easier for others to follow our lead.


Developing self-mastery is a lifelong pursuit of your own transformation and growth. The journey includes first being aware of who you are. Identifying a desirable future, unlocking your potential, and utilising your skills are all necessary steps on your path to self-mastery. Increasing your self-discipline and building sound habits get you closer to creating a wholesome lifestyle for you.


Providing positive and empowering leadership to others requires carefully-crafted skills set honed through your own struggles in the trenches. Your own failures and successes allow you to be a better, more supportive leader to others. Good leaders know when to push, when to pull, when to step out of the way, and when to move on.


Our Self-Mastery & Leadership workshops allow you to learn and apply a range of techniques and processes to be more effective in your own life. When you are happier, you enjoy healthier relationships with others around you.



The old saying, 'Leaders are born not made', no longer rings true. Vince Lombardi said, “Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” We work with people of all ages and backgrounds to acquire and develop a set of leadership skills that entice others to follow them wherever they are. A key element in our leadership training is focusing on the 'inside'; getting people to master self-leadership and not just leading others. Striving for leadership excellence is a lifelong journey with many meaningful rewards along the way, for both leaders and followers alike. Our LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE COACHING and WORKSHOPS can make your trip lighter.


In this ever-changing world, all professionals need to keep abreast with new developments in their field of practice to remain relevant. Most professional organisations require their members to obtain a specific number of points each year through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Those who fail to comply with this provision could be excluded.

​Our customised CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT [CPD] TRAINING help you take your ‘game’ to the next level. We support you in building on your existing body of knowledge and expertise, enabling you to provide consistently superior services to your clients.


Throughout our lives, we learn for various reasons including academic needs, work obligations, improved career prospects, personal growth etc. Why and how we learn is just as important as what we learn. Connecting with your passion and purpose for learning is vital to sustaining your performance. Your attitude, values, and beliefs also determine what you accomplish. Knowing how to manage your priorities, and focus your time on the things that bring you the results you desire determines your destiny. ​Our ACADEMIC LIFE COACHING and WORKSHOPS helps you identify and tap into your motivation and drive. You learn useful tools such as how to group and manage your priorities. This empowers you to excel in your studies while enjoying a healthy balance between your academic commitments and other areas of your life.


SOFT SKILLS and LIFE SKILLS are essential for strengthening your relationships, building your career, growing your business, and raising your family. If you want to have an edge in whatever you do, you need to possess strong soft skills.

Are you seeking to manage your anger, resolve conflicts, or reduce stress? Is negotiation, mediation, or delegation high on your agenda? What about improving your marketing capabilities and boosting your sales? Does facilitation, presenting, and public speaking trip up your tongue; and budgeting and money management give you a headache? Do you fear the very idea of priority and project management?

Our SOFT SKILLS and LIFE SKILLS TRAINING can be used to acquire new skills or improve existing ones in various fields. Let us help you grow your SOFT SKILLS and LIFE SKILLS TRAINING for success with your friends, family, colleagues, and associates.


What we believe, how we feel, the words we use, and the things we do have a dramatic effect on the overall quality of our lives. Negativity, pain, trauma, grief is reinforced by how we engage with this going forward. This can create adverse self-fulfilling prophecies and unfavourable self-identities. Reframing a thought, word, action or experience can manifest in a very different outcome and impact - one that is positive, rewarding, resolute. Our qualified NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) practitioners guide you to broaden your view of the world to make different choices, have different experiences, and reap different results. Learn how to use our NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) techniques and processes to change your life. When you change, how you deal with the world around you changes.


Do you feel like things are falling to pieces around you? Are you struggling to make it through the day? Can you have more meaningful relationships with the significant others in your life? You don't have to try coping on your own. Our professional, qualified social workers will support you telephonically or face-to-face to equip you with the knowledge and skills you require to gain control of your life, restore your confidence and self-worth, and create value for yourself and others. Whether you want individual support or prefer to work in a group, our SOCIAL WORK COUNSELLING can support you right now.

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