The way we eat, work, and live is continually shifting as we try to meet the demands of the 21st century. Many of us have too much stress and too little rest; excessive sugar consumption and inadequate water intake; eat on the run and not enough fun! No wonder ill health, sickness and disease are rampant.

Improving your health status doesn't always require dramatic changes that are difficult to make and maintain. Often, small adjustments in lifestyle can go a long way in manifesting considerable improvements in your health.

Our HEALTH and NUTRITION COACHING for individuals, families, friends, and colleagues help you find the right fit - for you. Whether you are looking for general support, a makeover, or recovering from an illness, we have a solution for you.


In this world of too little time and too much to do, we find our fridges and pantries often stocked with food that is quick to prepare yet lacks the nutrients we need. Let us help you audit what's in your fridge and pantry, and guide you on what should replace the items you dump. Our FRIDGE and PANTRY WORKSHOPS and MAKEOVERS will make you a super-mum - or dad - when you start feeding your family food and beverages loaded with goodness for the body and the mind.


We know how easy it is to swing by your local supermarket or convenience store to fill a basket or trolley with food for you and your family. Grab a bottle here, a box there, another packet, maybe a can or two. But have you taken even a moment to read the ingredients on the label? Half the names are unpronounceable! Our FOOD STORE and FARMERS’ MARKET WORKSHOPS and TOURS guide you to feed yourself and your family only what's healthy for your physical and mental wellbeing. We work with you to prepare a standard shopping list in advance that you can adjust here-and-there as you go along. Be a nutrition detective for a long and healthful life.


Meals out of bottles, boxes, packets and cans may be quick and 'tasty'; but they seldom feed the body and brain with the nutrients they need. On the contrary, 'fast' foods cause a variety of ailments and sicknesses that develop into chronic illnesses and diseases over time. Home-cooked meals are not that difficult to make; nor do they have to be costly and time-consuming. Our COOKING WORKSHOPS and DEMOS help you learn how to prepare simple, quick, affordable, healthy AND tasty meals in the comfort of your kitchen that will have you and your family shouting for seconds. Rope in your kids, and we'll come to you!


Do you find that there's never enough time to prepare nutritious meals for you and your family? Or that you are always eating on the go? Or the people around you are fussy about veggies or greens? Well, your troubles are over! Let us show you how to make a meal in minutes without compromising on time, taste or health. OUR JUICING and SMOOTHIE WORKSHOPS and DEMOS show you how to substitute food with juices or smoothies, so you never miss a meal again. The wide variety of tastes, textures and tones ensures there's something for everyone, even the fussy people! The added benefit? The energy you save from not having to digest solids repairs and restores the cells in your body and blood, resulting in the prevention and treatment of a host of ailments.


When you are ill, it does not affect just your personal and social life. Every year, workplaces lose vast amounts of money as a result of absenteeism, poor performance, irritability, moodiness, and stress - all due to sickness and disease. The knock-on effect this has on our economy and health care system is immense. Making sure you are healthy and fit is the responsibility of both you and your workplace. Our WORKPLACE WELLNESS COACHING and WORKSHOPS support employers and employees to learn about and manage their health and wellbeing in workplace-based coaching, workshops, and health days. Let us work you with you to make sure you, your staff, or even your boss never miss another day of work from feeling poorly or being unwell. The bottom line? Everyone wins!


Far too often we turn to medical professionals and pharmaceuticals to treat our ailments. While doctors and chemists have a crucial role to play in disease and trauma management, particularly in life-threatening situations, there are other options to treat - and prevent - ill health. One of the keys to your wellbeing is using food as medicine. A big part of this is introducing more plant-based and whole foods into your diet. The cumulative effects of eating out of cans, boxes, packets, and polystyrenes to counter a fast-paced lifestyle can be difficult to reverse. Our HEALTH and NUTRITION WORKSHOPS arm you and your loved ones with the knowledge and tools you need to take control of your health and wellbeing. Let us help you make better choices for a longer and healthier life.


It is relatively easy to reach for a pill or potion to relieve the symptoms of ill-health and disease; this does not resolve the cause of your condition. You can prevent and treat ailments through establishing and maintaining healthful daily habits as part of your lifestyle.

Small - and consistent - actions play a significant role in improving and sustaining your Health and Wellbeing. You can eat less meat and more plant-based food, change your quality or quantity of sleep, get in a little exercise daily, and practice regular relaxation. Any of this puts you well on your way to making a better and longer life for yourself.

Access our Health and Wellbeing programmes to meet your longevity needs as an individual or part of a family unit, social group, or workplace team.